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Executive recruitment and placement is big business, and the stakes are high. Many people still underestimate the massive role that Personal Assistants and Executive Secretaries can, and do, play in the successful

on-boarding process of new top management recruits.

2. On Social Network

On-boarding is also sometimes referred to as socialization; it is the process of settling a new employee into a new role so that they can become productive as soon as possible


3. Test Ready system 

Personality tests are designed to measure traits that are associated with successful performance of a certain role. They evaluate behavioral traits that don't tend to change much over time.


There are no right or wrong answers on these tests, but in specific jobs certain traits are known to predict "job fit"-whether you possess traits linked to success in that role. These tests help employers determine if you'd be happy and comfortable in a position.


We are a division of BOSS club network, our criteria is a leading provider of web-based pre-employment testing services. Our mission is to make high-quality pre-employment testing solutions accessible to companies of all sizes. Our testing system, HireSelect, is an SaaS (software as a service) solution that enables organizations to better manage their most important asset — their human capital — by providing state-of-the-art assessment tools to increase the effectiveness of the employee selection and retention process. HireSelect features aptitude, personality, and skills tests. Read more about the employment tests we offer.


We Recruit, Test and Match Teams with Companies we work with.


There is a Corporate saying that: Company is the people, Team power understands the bottom line of that criteria. Reality of all emplyment methods is that to kep employees happy, when Employees are happy, they produce powerful results and when results show up, the Company grow. Therefore we match employees according to what they love and also be part of their journey of life, because 90% of the time employees are at work.   


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